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Real Truth with Ruth

Nov 3, 2022

Have you walked with Jesus for years and still struggling with seeds of doubt? Or, have you witnessed signs, wonders, and miracles, been used mightily of God, and still struggled with doubt?

God is ready to give you eyes to see, like Jesus.

When the disciples were struggling, Jesus saw. We must realize that Jesus didn't watch them from a distance but came to them. At that moment, the disciples didn't recognize who had come into their midst. Even after He joins them in the boat and the storm calms down, they still have questions, and their hearts are still hard.

There is an invitation to see as Jesus does and recognize God in our midst. However, we also must deal with our fear, unbelief, and hardened hearts to have eyes that see.

It is exciting to realize that Jesus was not passing by the disciples but showing them His glory. He invited them to grow in relationship with Him and understand who He is. The same is true for you today.

Scripture Referenced: Mark 6:45-52 Mark 5:7 Revelation 12:2 Revelation 14:10 Psalm 139 Exodus 33:18-19 1 Kings 19:11


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