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Real Truth with Ruth

Jun 23, 2022

You are called, empowered, and equipped to grow in the grace and knowledge of God. However, how do we properly execute that growth? How can we measure development, and what does the fruit look like in our lives?

In Part 1 of this teaching, we will look at the importance of growing in grace. We will provide you with questions to journal with Holy Spirit that will significantly impact your walk and relationship with God. In the process, you will find healing and freedom. 

In Part 2 of this teaching, we will dive into how we truly grow in knowledge (hint, it is more than just reading the Bible) and how we put growth into action. 

This teaching is a practical but fun teaching that will lighten your load and excite you in your journey to become more like Jesus Christ. 

This episode is part 1of 2.

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