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Real Truth with Ruth

Jun 20, 2022

When was the last time you looked over the edge of a cliff? What did you see? What changes if you look out rather than down? If your gaze goes upward, things change yet again. We live in a time where we live at the edge of Christ’s return. We understand that we have been in the last days since Jesus’ first return, and each day brings us a day closer to his second coming. This begs the question; How do we live our lives on the edge of the return of Jesus Christ?

 We must learn to avoid the traps of dead works and false teachings. 

We must learn to be diligent, wise, alert, and productive.

 In this season, we are called to live blameless and spotless lives; however, is that possible?

 Today is the day. Grab your gear and get equipped to live at the edge of Christ’s return with confidence and victory.

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