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Real Truth with Ruth

Oct 20, 2022

What was the last thing you begged God for? It may have been financial provision, health, a dose of sanity, or something else. We all have seasons where we beg God. 

Put on your seatbelt and get ready as we journey into Mark 5 and the account of the demon-possessed man. 

In this passage, we have three different types of begging: 

  • The horde of demons 
  • The crowd
  • The formerly demon-possessed man

Behind each request, there is a root cause that is exposed. You will step into the disciples' shoes, the crowd, and the man. You will be challenged in your walk with the Lord and ask questions. You will meet this God with more strength than any horde of demons. You will see freedom. 

Scripture Referenced: Mark 5:1-20 Genesis 

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As I (Ruth) prayed for the East Coast, I felt the Holy Spirit saying the time is "now" for this gathering. 

Cultivate Revival is a free event; however, we ask that you pre-register to help us plan, and we will take a love offering at the evening services. We encourage you to pray about what God would have you sow financially during Cultivate Revival. Click here for all the details