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Real Truth with Ruth

Nov 14, 2022

Are you becoming the person that the world needs you to be? The world will give us a glimpse of how that image must appear. However, the Word of God will provide us with a very different picture. You must become authentic in your walk with God. In becoming authentic in that relationship, the authenticity will bleed through to the world and culture around you. When we become authentic with God, we put on the royal garments of priests and kings, bringing Heaven to Earth. The earth is crying out for authentic sons and daughters to take a stand. Are you ready?

Scripture Referenced: 1 Peter 2:9 Revelation 5:10 Psalm 147:2-3 Jeremiah 29:11 Romans 12:2 Philippians 3:4-9

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Cultivate Revival| Do you need a breakthrough? Do you need healing or deliverance? Do you need a fresh touch from God? It is God's delight to meet, heal, and set us on fire for Him. We are called to bring Heaven to Earth and change the world around us.

As I (Ruth) prayed for the East Coast, I felt the Holy Spirit saying the time is "now" for this gathering.

Cultivate Revival is a free event; however, we ask that you pre-register to help us plan, and we will take a love offering at the evening services. We encourage you to pray about what God would have you sow financially during Cultivate Revival. Click here for all the details



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